Internal Communication Networks - Dubai Tel : +971 4 6264005 Fax : +971 8 4480796
Mobile : +971 50 5448166
We offer various Structured Cabling systems & Fiber Optic Equipments, Supply and Installation such as:

Etisalat Fiber to Home (FTTH) system in new building. (Voice, Data, E-vision)
Du Telephone Infrastructure. (FTTH)
SmartWorld Telecommunications Infrastructure
Complete Structured Cabling System (SCS)
LAN Networking Cabling System.
Fiber Optic Termination & Splicing Equipment.
Fiber Connectors: LC/PC, SC/PC, SC, ST, TOSLINK, Duplex LC, Duplex MT-RJ.
Etisalat SC/APC Connector Termination Using Fujikura High Precision Claver.


State-of-the-art Hi-performance Local Area Network Hardware solution and product from standard and reputed manufactures. Some of our standard LAN Products include:

Brand-Rex, Belden, OCC, Excel, Opterna, Techlogiks, etc
Brand-Rex, SM, MM and OM3 Fiber Optic cabling.
All Fiber Connectors types (LC, SC, ST & Fast Connector).